Las Vegas Home Maintenance

The climate in Las Vegas is especially dry and lots of dust can affect many aspects of your home cooling system and appliances. I wouldn’t go longer than 6 months without changing your air filters or cleaning the coils on your refrigerator. If you do, you run the risk of a malfunction and expensive repairs.

When a refrigerator gets warm the most common cause is usually the coils are dirty, and haven’t been cleaned for months or even years. If there are pets in the house, dog or cat hair could be trapped underneath the refrigerator and be the primary cause of the issue. The coils are found underneath most modern refrigerators. You can pull the panel off and use a flashlight to see how much gunk is down there.

You can clean out the hair and dust with a bristle brush and then vacuum the residue with a shop vac or a simple vacuum with an extension. As for the refrigerator, you may have to replace the motor if you let it go too far. You can try tapping on the refrigerator motor with the backend of a hammer and sometimes that will be enough to get the fan motor going again after the cleanup job is finished.

If you need someone to come out to your home I would call a licensed handyman, not somebody posting their services on Craigslist. Keep note of that. Make note also that this has nothing to do with air conditioning repair.

Home maintenance always starts with monitoring what you already have in the house. It’s about preventing unforeseen breakdowns. You can only do this if you follow a schedule for checking up on the different systems within your home. The AC Repair System works the same way.

So be alert and make sure to keep a home journal for maintaining the quality of your living space.